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In case of obsolete or out of stock parts Raptor Supplies also offers an alternate solution from other hydraulic fittings and valves brands, like Dixon, Apollo, Milwaukee Valves, Spears Valves, GF Piping Systems, Banjo, Plast-O-Matic, Texas Pneumatic Tools and Speedaire. You can match the cross-reference or simply put part attributes on our search bar.


Parker fittings are small in size, of low weight and ship packed in sleeves or small boxes. Keep in mind, some parker items ship in a pack size of 5 or 10 pieces. Small quantities of Parker products will ship via courier service.

About Parker

The Parker Hannifin extensive catalogue includes high-quality brass fittings and valves, rubber and thermoplastic hose and fittings, tube fittings, quick-connect couplings and various assembly tools for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Parker ball valves maintain and regulate high volume and high-pressure liquid flow and feature an easy-to-operate lever for a secure quarter-turn operation.
The Parker Fittings catalogue comprises Intru-Lok fittings, EO fittings, Triple-Lok fittings, Ferulok fittings, EO-2 fittings and Seal-Lok fittings. The brand's Seal-Lok fittings provide resistance against vibration and over-torque. They feature a flat sealing surface and a patented Trap-Seal design, making this ideal for applications in high pressure, vibration and impulsive environments.

Major Trade Names

Parker Intru-Lok

Parker Intru-Lok

Intru-Lok brass flareless bite-type fittings comprise precision-machined ferrules to assure a safe, leak-free, and vibration resistant connection compared to other brass compression fittings. Visible bite facilitates easy inspection. Includes elbows, caps, knurled nuts, tees & tube inserts.

Parker A-Lok

Parker A-Lok

A-Lok Series Union Tee two ferrule fittings are ideal for use in semiconductor, microelectronic, power generation and nuclear applications. Feature Parker Suparcase surface-treated construction for superior material handling. Hardened ferrules for leak-free operation.

Parker Triple-Lok

Parker Triple-Lok

Triple-Lok JIC tube fittings provide a metal-to-metal connection for most high-pressure hydraulic applications. Meet both ISO and SAE standards. Easily adaptable to inch & Metric tubes and hoses. Stainless steel construction with an anti-corrosion coating.

Parker CPI

Parker CPI

CPI union cross fittings allow for easy assembly. Feature a single-ferrule design that creates a dynamic seal on the tube and body with close nut tolerance. Provide accurate tube alignment.

Parker Competitive Advantages

Parker Suparcase Surface Coating (Ferrule-Hardening):

Parker Suparcase Surface Coating (Ferrule-Hardening):

  • Applied to the back ferrule, which then forms a carbon supersaturated surface layer by altering the oxide passive layer
  • Enhances the corrosion resistance and hardness rating of STM 316 stainless steel
  • Does not require high temperatures
  • Seals most aggressive fluids & chemicals to resist internal and external corrosion
  • Allows repeated disassembling and reassembling with no loss of sealing integrity
  • Makes surfaces smooth and free of defects
  • Ensures proper lubrication between parts

Parker ToughShield 1000 Coating (TS1000):

Parker ToughShield 1000 Coating (TS1000):

  • Free your steel fittings from red rust for up to 1000 hours of continuous usage
  • Industry class, patented zinc chromium-6 plating said to fight corrosion 13 times better than the required SAE requirements
  • Ideal for tube fittings and adapters
  • Fights against:
    1. Potential leaks
    2. System contamination
    3. Improper function of adjacent components (valves, pumps & cylinders)
    4. Accelerated corrosion of adjacent components

Parker FastSeal:

Parker FastSeal:

  • Make fast and leak-free tube connections without the need for brazing or flanging equipment
  • Parker's robust bite ring and innovative seal dynamics create a robust flat-face tube connection
  • Pairs with Seal-Lok ORFS fittings or easily converts existing connections to ORFS configuration
  • Complies with SAE J1453 and ISO 19879 standards

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Parker Hannifin headquarters?

Parker Hannifin's corporate headquarters are in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, in Greater Cleveland (with a Cleveland mailing address). It was founded in 1917 and has been publicly traded on the NYSE since December 9, 1964.

Where to buy Parker fittings?

Raptor Supplies offers the entire catalogue of Parker fittings featuring reliable-leak free connections that outperform in the harshest environments. It includes Intru-Lok fittings, EO fittings, Triple-Lok fittings, Ferulok fittings, EO-2 fittings, Seal-Lok fittings, pipe fittings and port adapters.

What if I can?t find the Parker Hannifin product I need online?

If you have a Parker Hannifin item, you require, like a hose, fitting or quick coupling, simply email us the picture of your existing product or send a link or screenshot of the Parker item required. Our team will respond and offer the correct product.

Does Parker make AN / AS tube fittings?

Parker tube fittings and adapters conform to SAE, not AN/AS standards. These fittings can be implemented for ground support but cannot be used for in-air applications.

What is the standard plating that is used by Parker on their fittings?

Parker tube fittings and adapters feature a proprietary zinc chromium-6 free plating, called ToughShield 1000. It offers up to 1000 hours of red rust corrosion resistance and also prevents corrosion from spreading to the adjacent larger components (valves, pumps, etc) in the system.

Which Parker fittings to use to prevent agricultural corrosion?

Parker offers XTR Coating that fights corrosion caused by nitrogen-based fertilizers. XTR Coating is available on tube fittings and adapters, as well as hose fittings, by request. To get a quote, contact Raptor Supplies.

Does Parker have tube fittings and adapters for alternative fuels like CNG, LNG, LPG and H2?

Absolutely, Parker Seal-Lok O-ring Face Seal fittings have separate product lines available, particularly for CNG, LNG, LPG or H2 alternative fuel applications.

Does Parker offer higher temperature O-rings?

Yes, Parker provides high-temperature 90 durometer FKM (fluorocarbon) O-rings that have a temperature rating of -15 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.