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About 3m

The 3M product catalogue includes a wide range of abrasives & adhesives, fillers, sealants, building materials, cleaning supplies, automotive hardware, compounds, polishes, films & sheeting and more. The brand's anti-slip tapes, also known as traction tapes, are designed for sticking on factory floors for preventing slippage and increasing friction between the worker's shoes and the factory floor. These non-skid tapes from 3M are used in all sorts of environments & workplaces ranging from warehouses to large manufacturing facilities. These anti-slip tapes have a textured high friction surface for gripping the shoe sole and durable adhesive underneath the tape for preventing the tape from losing grip and peeling off the factory floor. These 3M tapes can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F and are ideal for slippery surfaces as they enhance personal safety by reducing trip hazards.
3M 08458 NVH Pillar foam is ideal for replacing OEM rigid nonstructural foam in automotive body repair and fill cavities, deaden sounds & reduce vibrations. 3M abrasive stars are designed for cleaning and polishing inside diameters of pipes and tubing that are usually hard to reach and inspect. These abrasive stars are used in metalworking, plumbing, automotive and manufacturing facilities and feature aluminium oxide construction, making them suitable for operations like deburring, providing satin finish, denibbing and cleaning. 3M abrasive stars can be operated at rotational speeds up to 18000 rpm to minimise the time required for cleaning operations. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these products, in addition to abrasive & absorbent rolls, abrasive mandrels and antistatic cords.

Major Trade Names

3M Cubitron Abrasives

3M Cubitron Abrasives

3M Cubitron abrasive line comprises various abrasive discs, wheels & belts that feature precision-shaped cutting grain for generating a higher cut rate & durability. This triangular-shaped grain forms sharp edges & points as it wears to ensure that the cutting material easily slices through the meta...

l workpiece.

3M Scotch-Weld Adhesives

3M Scotch-Weld Adhesives

3M Scotch-Weld adhesive line comprises various epoxy solution types that form high strength bonds in applications where thermal contraction, expansion and vibrations are common. The Scotch-Weld epoxy line also withstands cold temperatures without becoming brittle. This epoxy line maintains a strong ...

bond with the surface even after surface expansion.

3M Perfect-It Polishes

3M Perfect-It Polishes

3M Perfect-It line comprises various rubbing compounds, polishes and polishing pads. The Perfect-It machine polishes from 3M are designed for delivering effective compounding on hard to buff surfaces. The brand's Perfect-It polishing pads are ideal for slow speed, fine polishing tasks that require r...


3M Scotch-Seal Sealants

3M Scotch-Seal Sealants

3M Scotch-Seal line sealants are ideal for sealing & bonding aluminium to wood, glass & metal workpieces. These Scotch-Seal sealants form a flexible yet tough film after drying that resists oils, fuels and water. These sealants have high integrity after being fully cured. These sealants retain their...

sealing properties even after extended ageing in industrial environments.

3M Cool Flow Respirators

3M Cool Flow Respirators

3M Cool Flow respirator line provides filtration against non-oil based aerosols & particles. These NIOSH-Approved N95 filters feature a Cool Flow Valve that reduces heat build up inside the respirator. They have advanced filter media for ensuring easy breathing even after extended periods of usage. ...

3M Cool Flow respirators have stretchable braided headbands for secure fit & user comfort.

3M Filtrete Air Filters

3M Filtrete Air Filters

3M FIltrete air filters are designed for capturing microscopic particles, such as bacteria, viruses, smoke and large particles like lint, pollen and dust. These ultrafine particle reduction filters from 3M are used with HVAC systems for removing impurities from the cooled/heated air output.

3m Competitive Advantages

Z web design Safety-Walk mattings

Z web design Safety-Walk mattings

3M Safety-Walk mattings provide grip in heavy traffic pool, locker and wet areas. These 3M wet area mattings feature Z web design for uniform foot support on industrial floors prone to liquid spills. These Z web style mattings offer open construction and ensure that the water drains easily to keep the surface dry. These wet mattings can be easily c...

leaned by shaking off or washing with a power washer. These mattings further have an open mesh structure with antimicrobial coating for wear protection.

3M multi purpose spray adhesives

3M multi purpose spray adhesives

3M Super 77 multi purpose spray adhesives are specially designed for bonding a variety of lightweight materials, such as fabrics, bonding papers, metal, plastic, wood and cardboard pieces. These multi purpose spray adhesives form a quick & strong bond with the material while ensuring extended durability.

3M Scotch super glue gels

3M Scotch super glue gels

3M super glue gels are fast drying adhesives designed for application on a variety of surfaces, such as rubber, leather, wood, metal, plastics and ceramics. These adhesives from 3M have a gel formula for prevention against running on the workpiece surface once applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3M known for?

3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) is known for manufacturing various laboratory, industrial and scientific equipment & products for a wide range of industries (health care, production, MRO, automotive, construction, manufacturing and more). The company is also known for researching and developing various technologies for the products & equipment used in industry & consumer markets.

What products do 3M offer?

3M manufactures & offers various products, including laminates, adhesives, abrasives, personal protective equipment, passive fire protection solutions, paint protection films, electronics & electrical connecting products, insulation materials, window films, medical products, optical films, electronic circuits, healthcare products and car maintenance equipment & accessories.

What products / equipment has 3M invented?

3M has invented various new technologies and products, such as abrasive cloth, hypoallergenic & masking tapes. The brand also offers Fluorel elastomers, Thinsulate flame-resistant insulations, Pots-It notes, Dual Lock reclosable fasteners, Command products and VHB adhesive tapes.

Are 3M adhesives waterproof?

3M offers various waterproof adhesives, ideal for hard to stick surfaces. 3M Sealing Tapes 8777 also have a pre-applied adhesive that is resilient and completely waterproof. This tape from 3M is durable even in extreme temperatures and resist wear & tear in extremely harsh industrial environments.

Are 3M adhesives safe on plastics?

Yes, selected 3M adhesives can be applied to the plastic surface directly from the adhesive tube. These adhesives dry clear and are used to bond translucent or transparent plastic depending upon the application requirement. Additionally, there is no requirement to mix these adhesives with an activating agent for sticking materials.

Are 3M adhesives reusable?

Yes, selected adhesives from 3M, such as repositionable acrylic adhesive 1000, are reusable on flexible materials and workpieces. These adhesives can be easily removed and repositioned on different surfaces for adhesion.

What is 3M Scotch-Weld?

3M Scotch-Weld is a two-part epoxy adhesive. It is a fast-setting & toughened adhesive that cures clear upon application. This adhesive is suitable for cryogenic bonding applications and adheres to substrates that often get exposed to cold temperatures.