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ALLEGRO SAFETY Portable Blowers

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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Most of the Allegro products cross-reference with Air System International, 3M and Honeywell equipment. If you're looking for competitor equipment or a tool that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are there that Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Allegro equipment available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, one of the trusted distributors of Allegro equipment, offers its complete range of products like confined space blowers, venturi blowers and protective eyewear. We can also recommend suitable Allegro shelf bins, medical cabinets and utility / dewatering pumps for targeted application requirements.


These Allegro equipment sizes vary from small to large. They may require careful packaging as some parts may get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Allegro equipment are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Allegro Safety

Allegro catalogue includes high-performance ambient air pumps, breathing cold air systems, air compressors, sludge pumps and utility / dewatering pumps.
Allegro ambient air pumps provide clean, breathable air for full / half face respirator or hood users. These rotary vane air pumps do not require internal lubrication, thereby eliminating the need for carbon monoxide monitoring systems. They are equipped with quick-connect OBAC fittings to connect the air hose to the outlet and a brass pressure relief valve to adjust the airflow. These pumps have a maximum working pressure of 15 psi.
Allegro knee pads feature soft and abrasion-resistant cushioning pads to protect knees of users. These knee pads are designed for construction applications, including floor or concrete working. These pads have button & loop / hook & loop / pull on / quick release buckle closure for a secure fit over knees.
The brand also provides a varied range of confined space blowers that can deliver both positive and negative airflows and are perfect for ventilation and extraction. These high-output Allegro axial fans feature stackable design that saves workspace area, a moulded-in carry handle for easy portability and a bottom enclosure to ensure the safety of electrical components.
Choose from a wide range of Allegro equipment, such as personal protective equipment & supports, bolt assortments, confined space heaters and more.

Major Trade Names

Allegro Tyvek Supplied Air Respirator Hoods

Allegro Tyvek Supplied Air Respirator Hoods

Allegro Tyvek supplied-air respirator hoods are lightweight and loose-fitting hood-style respirators designed for bearded workers handling toxic environments, like asbestos abatement and painting jobs. They feature poly-coated Dupont Tyvek construction to prevent condensation and water infiltration....

These hoods have a clear co-polyester lens for panoramic & distortion-free view. They offer disposable design to discard the hood when cleaning or decontamination is difficult.

Allegro Nova 2000 Helmets

Allegro Nova 2000 Helmets

Allegro Nova 2000 helmets are ideal for sandblasting and powder coating applications. They have polyethylene construction with Velcro mounted foam padding for abrasion resistance and sound dampening. These helmets are equipped with a rubber window frame gasket for effective sealing and a large, wrap...

around, double lens for optimum visibility.

Allegro M2 Multi-Mold Cassettes

Allegro M2 Multi-Mold Cassettes

Allegro M2 Multi-Mold cassettes provide disposable air sampling cassettes for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) sampling & analysis, inspection, restoration and remediation operations when used with standard pump & calibration equipment. The cassettes help field & laboratory personnel to collect two identica...

l / different samples or collect only one sample. They allow one-time preparation for two samples using a standardised counting mechanism (pre-printed traverse marks on the collection slide) and a side-by-side sample comparison under a microscope.

Allegro Nova 3 Blasting Helmets

Allegro Nova 3 Blasting Helmets

Allegro Nova 3 blasting helmets feature breakthrough protection technology for productivity, safety and comfort while minimising worker downtime. These helmets uniformly distribute the helmet weight across the shoulders & head for reduced fatigue. Allegro Nova 3 blasting helmets come with a Peel-Off...

s Lens System, a "FIT AND SAVE" system of pre-folded tabs to allow tearing off single-layered lenses quickly.

Allegro Flexbak Back Supports

Allegro Flexbak Back Supports

Allegro Flexbak back supports feature unique design and a three-part support system. They release a user's back stress & strain. These medical-style trusses use two internal support panels above & below the waist wrapped around by a third, elastic panel. Allegro Flexbak back supports are made of 85....

5% nylon to ensure water resistance and maximum bracing without riding up or pinching. They further have 2 single system pull straps and non-elastic suspenders.

Allegro Safety Competitive Advantages

Respirator Fit Testing Protocols

Respirator Fit Testing Protocols

Use of properly fitted respirators is an important safety consideration for workers in hazardous environments. Respirator fit testing ensures a tight seal on a user's face for protecting the user from contaminant leakage or harmful pathogens in the environment. The presence of facial hair may also cause respirators to leak. All respirators must be fit tested annually before first use. OSHA recognises two broad categories of fit testing: ...

  • Quantitative Fit Testing Protocols: Allegro quantitative fit testing involves the process of measuring the accurate amount of leakage in tight-fitting facepieces. The equipment comprises a facepiece attached to a probe and connected to the measuring machine via a hose.
  • Qualitative Fit Testing Protocols: Allegro qualitative fit testing is a pass or fail method that relies on the personalised sensory (irritation /taste /smell) response of the user (wearing the respirator) to specific test agents like Isoamyl Acetate (Isopentyl Acetate or Banana Oil), sweet (Saccharin), bitter (Denatonium Benzoate) and irritant smoke (HCl and Sn).

    EZ Air Flex Grinding / Welding PAPRs

    EZ Air Flex Grinding / Welding PAPRs

    Allegro EZ air flex grinding / welding PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) are complete particulate systems, designed for industrial applications where combined (eye, respiratory and face) protection is required. These lightweight welding helmets feature a heavy-duty, flip-up visor for exposing a grind shie...

    ld to maintain respiratory protection of workers while grinding or inspecting welds. They comply with ANSI Z87.1+ and CAN / CSA Z94.3 standards for face & eye protection and are CE certified & NIOSH approved. Allegro NEW EZ air flex grinding / welding PAPRs are motorised systems that use a lithium-ion battery to deliver constant fresh & filtered air on users' faces.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What products does Allegro supply?

    Allegro is one of the largest distributors of confined space safety products, such as fans, blowers, pumps, respirators, air sources and SAR welding systems.

    What are Allegro breathing air blowers?

    Allegro breathing air blowers are portable & lightweight blowers that deliver safe & comfortable breathing air for industrial users. These Allegro fresh air systems come equipped with a removable & washable filter and are contained in heavy roto-moulded plastic housing for prolonged durability.

    Do I need a CO monitor for my Allegro breathing air pump?

    No, a CO monitor is not required, as Allegro breathing air pumps do not produce carbon monoxide, oil mist or oil vapour.

    Is it normal for my Allegro breathing air pump to get warm?

    Yes, it is normal for breathing air pumps to get warm as they are oil-less. Also, they have no lubrication for cooling the motor. These pumps feature rotary vane design to provide constant friction between the chamber & rotor.

    Where are explosion-proof blowers used?

    Allegro explosion proof blowers are used in mills, power plants, warehouses, tanks, spray booths, confined spaces or any other area where ignitable dust, fumes or gases may be present.

    Can a blower be placed vertically above a manhole?

    Yes, an Allegro blower can be placed vertically over a manhole if supported securely with proper ingress / egress, movement, vibration and weight mitigation.

    What is the operating temperature range of Allegro ducting?

    The maximum working temperature for Allegro's standard and statically conductive ducting is 180 degrees F and 250 degrees F, respectively.

    What standards / certifications do Allegro equipment abide by?

    Allegro products are UL listed or CE marked for ensuring consumer safety, health and meeting environmental requirements. Selected Allegro equipment adhere to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, USA) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) for head & eye protection while ensuring optimum visibility.